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Orthodontic Dentistry

If you are not happy with the way your smile looks due to misaligned or gapped teeth, orthodontic treatment is a good option to consider. Orthodontics is the dental practice of straightening and realigning teeth for maximum performance and aesthetics.

There are different types of orthodontics available to do this:

  • Invisalign being one way, which is clear plastic aligners shaped like your teeth. These clear aligners are worn over teeth in order to shift their position, and straighten your smile. The benefit of invisalign is that they are very hard to detect, allowing wearers to straighten their teeth without having the traditional look of braces on their teeth.
  • Another way is, traditional braces, which are made of brackets that are bonded to the front sides of your teeth, and wires connecting the brackets. Millions of people have benefited from the proven effects of traditional braces & orthodontic dentistry. Depending on the amount of positioning your teeth need in order to correct your smile, traditional braces may be your best option.
  • And another way is a type of orthodontics called Fast Braces, this is very similar to traditional braces, being that wires and brackets are used, however, with Fast Braces technology, it allows treatment to be completed in about a year or sometimes as little as 3 months in some cases.

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